it's a not so hard life.

somewhere in CALI.

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Life of a Photojournalist

While cruisin' along the California Coastline, I decided to document life behind the scenes, and what it really looks like camping in the Volkswagen across America.


Sure, everything looks effortlessly positioned and skillfully on point when it comes across your Instagram feed, however, it's important to be real. This is life behind the scenes.

A thrifted UCLA sweatshirt from the 90's, sweatpants and a pair of Nike kicks.

Let's keep things real, and celebrate what it means to go Au-naturel and find comfort in the unknown; to enjoy simplicity and always live and let live along the way - judgement out the window.

It’s a place where the music is loud; the men are tough, the woman sexy and the food is always spicy. Its The Bronx, babe. The city of swag, where hip-hop was born and The Yankee’s reign. Where a nod on 179th and Grand Concourse funds acceptance and approval is transparent. Tagged along the streets atop every fresh cut is a Yankee’s cap and below every belt, a pair of Jordan’s – A familiar reminder to those who started from the bottom and are finally heard.

across the AMERICAS.

you've just gotta walk that line, BABE!

As I photographed nameless roads near Nevada's off-the-beaten-path ghost towns, it was the sound of tumbleweeds and hollow winds that allowed me to focus on 'The What.'  What was it that had brought me to this very moment? And then it clicked.


Having had been raised a  millennial 'living off the grid,' - with you got it, no electricity and an outhouse - it wasn't until I entered adulthood that I discovered true value in why I was raised the way I was, and what it actually meant to create something from next to nothing. This was the driving force and soul reason as to why we packed-up, sold everything and moved to the other side of the tracks.


Above all, I've learned that it's hard work and grit, tenacity and extreme passion that leads to greatness and inspires us to reach out and grab that dangling dream that no one else owns but YOU.

life is better lived as an ADVENTURER!

The amount of value in connecting with a human without swiping right or scrolling through one's Instagram is immeasurably important, which is why I was happy to meet adventure photographer and Colorado Native, Tabor.


During time spent bouncing from canyon to hot-spring in the depths of Utah's heat,  channeling her inner Stevie Nicks, Tabor approached  with her camera asking if we'd like to partake in a spontaneous photo-shoot along Monroe's Mystic Hot-Springs.


Easily persuaded though equally aware, we agreed to meet at sunset in the local campsite, where broken down buses and old soda machines seemed to be the norm - the perfect backdrop for an effortless evening  and a spontaneous reminder to live in the moment.


home of blues.

The home of blues, where southern comfort warms your soul and bourbon burns last minute choice. It’s where one comes to hear the saxophone hum and have chance reclaim your voice. The streets and everyone in them tell tales of promise and regained beginnings, sharing every corner of their life - where Po-boy venders are peppered and beignet booths stand. This is where you come when your belly growls and your soul needs feeding – it’s where life is rich. 

freedom is free.

A place of calm, where palm trees shade daily reminders and a slice of key lime pie makes you forget. It’s where you come to live in the moment, to sit within the salty breeze and have your soul refreshed. Where the sun is no longer nine to five; it rises gold and never rests. So long as your skin is bronzed and your drink sweats, freedom is free.

where angles land.

Where desert heat sears the soul and reignites the prevail that made you once feel powerful. It’s where climbing a sandstone peak aches your muscles and proves strength of mind. Along every canyon runs a story of hidden tenacity and thousands of footprints – those of which are aged throughout mislead paths of unfamiliar charm. It’s a place where life’s fleeting moments persuade one to hike into love with who you are and let go of who you’ve never been.